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abstract class AbstractProgressFragment : Fragment
   ↳ androidx.navigation.dynamicfeatures.fragment.ui.AbstractProgressFragment

The base class for Fragments that handle dynamic feature installation.

When extending from this class, you are responsible for forwarding installation state changes to your UI via the provided hooks in onCancelled, onFailed, onProgress.

The installation process itself is handled within the AbstractProgressFragment itself. Navigation to the target destination will occur once the installation is completed.


Public constructors

<init>(contentLayoutId: Int)

Public methods
open Unit
onActivityResult(requestCode: Int, resultCode: Int, data: Intent?)

open Unit
onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?)

open Unit

open Unit
onViewCreated(view: View, savedInstanceState: Bundle?)

Protected methods

Navigates to an installed dynamic feature module or kicks off installation.

abstract Unit

Called when the user decided to cancel installation.

abstract Unit
onFailed(errorCode: Int)

Called when the installation has failed due to non-user issues.

open Unit

Called when requested module has been successfully installed, just before the NavController navigates to the final destination.

abstract Unit
onProgress(status: Int, bytesDownloaded: Long, bytesTotal: Long)

Called when there was a progress update for an active module download.

Inherited functions