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interface PageTransformer

A PageTransformer is invoked whenever a visible/attached page is scrolled. This offers an opportunity for the application to apply a custom transformation to the page views using animation properties.

As property animation is only supported as of Android 3.0 and forward, setting a PageTransformer on a ViewPager on earlier platform versions will be ignored.


Public methods
abstract Unit
transformPage(@NonNull page: View, position: Float)

Apply a property transformation to the given page.

Public methods


abstract fun transformPage(
    @NonNull page: View,
    position: Float
): Unit

Apply a property transformation to the given page.

page View: Apply the transformation to this page
position Float: Position of page relative to the current front-and-center position of the pager. 0 is front and center. 1 is one full page position to the right, and -1 is one page position to the left.