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interface SummaryProvider<T : Preference!>

Interface definition for a callback to be invoked when the summary of this Preference is requested (typically when this preference is added to the hierarchy or its value is updated). Implement this to allow dynamically configuring a summary.

If a SummaryProvider is set, setSummary(CharSequence) will throw an exception, and any existing value for the summary will not be used. The value returned by the SummaryProvider will be used instead whenever getSummary() is called on this preference.

Simple implementations are provided for EditTextPreference and ListPreference. To enable these implementations, use setSummaryProvider(SummaryProvider) with EditTextPreference.SimpleSummaryProvider#getInstance() or ListPreference.SimpleSummaryProvider#getInstance().


Public methods

abstract CharSequence!
provideSummary(preference: T)

Called whenever getSummary() is called on this preference.

Public methods


abstract fun provideSummary(preference: T): CharSequence!

Called whenever getSummary() is called on this preference.

preference T: This preference
CharSequence!: A CharSequence that will be displayed as the summary for this preference