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interface ImeKeyMonitor

Interface for an EditText subclass that can delegate calls to onKeyPreIme up to a registered listener.

Used in editable actions within to allow for custom back key handling. Specifically, this is used to implement the behavior that dismissing the IME also clears edit text focus. Clients who need to supply custom layouts for GuidedActionsStylist with their own EditText classes should satisfy this interface in order to inherit this behavior.


Nested classes

Listener interface for key events intercepted pre-IME by edit text objects.

Public methods
abstract Unit

Set the listener for this edit text object.

Public methods


abstract fun setImeKeyListener(listener: ImeKeyMonitor.ImeKeyListener!): Unit

Set the listener for this edit text object. The listener's onKeyPreIme method will be invoked from the host edit text's onKeyPreIme method.