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interface FacetProvider

This is the query interface to supply optional features(aka facets) on an object without the need of letting the object to subclass or implement java interfaces. Facets allow leanback to re-compose optional features from leanback ViewHolder to RecyclerView ViewHolder. A typical "facet" class is ItemAlignmentFacet that defines how to align a ViewHolder inside VerticalGridView or HorizontalGridView. A FacetProvider could be retrieved from two sources by VerticalGridView/HorizontalGridView in the following order.

  • ViewHolder based facet:

    RecyclerView.ViewHolder can implement FacetProvider. If app uses leanback Presenter.ViewHolder, the facet of Presenter.ViewHolder will be relayed by ItemBridgeAdapter.ViewHolder which is a wrapper of Presenter.ViewHolder. ViewHolder based facet is used less frequentl