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interface OnRequestPermissionsResultCallback

This interface is the contract for receiving the results for permission requests.


Public methods
abstract Unit
onRequestPermissionsResult(requestCode: Int, @NonNull permissions: Array<String!>, @NonNull grantResults: IntArray)

Callback for the result from requesting permissions.

Public methods


abstract fun onRequestPermissionsResult(
    requestCode: Int,
    @NonNull permissions: Array<String!>,
    @NonNull grantResults: IntArray
): Unit

Callback for the result from requesting permissions. This method is invoked for every call on requestPermissions(android.app.Activity, * String[], int).

Note: It is possible that the permissions request interaction with the user is interrupted. In this case you will receive empty permissions and results arrays which should be treated as a cancellation.

requestCode Int: The request code passed in requestPermissions( * android.app.Activity, String[], int)
permissions Array<String!>: The requested permissions. Never null.
grantResults IntArray: The grant results for the corresponding permissions which is either android.content.pm.PackageManager#PERMISSION_GRANTED or android.content.pm.PackageManager#PERMISSION_DENIED. Never null.