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open class ProcessLifecycleOwner : LifecycleOwner
   ↳ androidx.lifecycle.ProcessLifecycleOwner

Class that provides lifecycle for the whole application process.

You can consider this LifecycleOwner as the composite of all of your Activities, except that Lifecycle.Event#ON_CREATE will be dispatched once and Lifecycle.Event#ON_DESTROY will never be dispatched. Other lifecycle events will be dispatched with following rules: ProcessLifecycleOwner will dispatch Lifecycle.Event#ON_START, Lifecycle.Event#ON_RESUME events, as a first activity moves through these events. Lifecycle.Event#ON_PAUSE, Lifecycle.Event#ON_STOP, events will be dispatched with a delay after a last activity passed through them. This delay is long enough to guarantee that ProcessLifecycleOwner won't send any events if activities are destroyed and recreated due to a configuration change.

It is useful for use cases where you would like to react on your app coming to the foreground or going to the background and you don't need a milliseconds accuracy in receiving lifecycle events.


Public methods
open static LifecycleOwner

The LifecycleOwner for the whole application process.

open Lifecycle

Public methods


@NonNull open static fun get(): LifecycleOwner

The LifecycleOwner for the whole application process. Note that if your application has multiple processes, this provider does not know about other processes.

LifecycleOwner LifecycleOwner for the whole application.


@NonNull open fun getLifecycle(): Lifecycle