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abstract class SortedListAdapterCallback<T2 : Any!> : SortedList.Callback<T2>
   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.widget.SortedList.Callback<T2>
   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.widget.SortedListAdapterCallback

A SortedList.Callback implementation that can bind a SortedList to a RecyclerView.Adapter.


Public constructors

Creates a SortedList.Callback that will forward data change events to the provided Adapter.

Public methods
open Unit
onChanged(position: Int, count: Int)

open Unit
onChanged(position: Int, count: Int, payload: Any?)

open Unit
onInserted(position: Int, count: Int)

open Unit
onMoved(fromPosition: Int, toPosition: Int)

open Unit
onRemoved(position: Int, count: Int)

Inherited functions

Public constructors


SortedListAdapterCallback(adapter: RecyclerView.Adapter<