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open class DropDownPreference : ListPreference
   ↳ androidx.preference.Preference
   ↳ androidx.preference.DialogPreference
   ↳ androidx.preference.ListPreference
   ↳ androidx.preference.DropDownPreference

A ListPreference that presents the options in a drop down menu rather than a dialog.


Inherited constants
Public constructors
<init>(context: Context!)

<init>(context: Context!, attrs: AttributeSet!)

<init>(context: Context!, attrs: AttributeSet!, defStyle: Int)

<init>(context: Context!, attrs: AttributeSet!, defStyleAttr: Int, defStyleRes: Int)

Public methods
open Unit

open Unit
setEntries(@NonNull entries: Array<CharSequence!>)

open Unit

Protected methods
open ArrayAdapter<Any!>!

By default, this class uses a simple ArrayAdapter.

open Unit

open Unit

Inherited functions