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interface OnPrepareTransferListener

Listener for receiving events when the selected route is about to be changed.


Public methods
abstract ListenableFuture<Void!>?
onPrepareTransfer(@NonNull fromRoute: MediaRouter.RouteInfo, @NonNull toRoute: MediaRouter.RouteInfo)

Implement this to handle transfer seamlessly.

Public methods


@Nullable @MainThread abstract fun onPrepareTransfer(
    @NonNull fromRoute: MediaRouter.RouteInfo,
    @NonNull toRoute: MediaRouter.RouteInfo
): ListenableFuture<Void!>?

Implement this to handle transfer seamlessly.

Setting the listener will defer stopping the previous route, from which you may get the media status to resume media seamlessly on the new route. When the transfer is prepared, set the returned future to stop media being played on the previous route and release resources. This method is called on the main thread.

Callback#onRouteUnselected(MediaRouter, RouteInfo, int) and Callback#onRouteSelected(MediaRouter, RouteInfo, int) are called after the future is done.

fromRoute MediaRouter.RouteInfo: The route that is about to be unselected.
toRoute MediaRouter.RouteInfo: The route that is about to be selected.
ListenableFuture<Void!>? A ListenableFuture whose completion indicates that the transfer is prepared or null to indicate that no preparation is needed. If a future is returned, until the future is completed, the media continues to be played on the previous route.