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open class RowHeaderPresenter : Presenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Presenter
   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.RowHeaderPresenter

RowHeaderPresenter provides a default presentation for HeaderItem using a RowHeaderView and optionally a TextView for description. If a subclass creates its own view, the subclass must also override onCreateViewHolder(ViewGroup), onSelectLevelChanged(ViewHolder).


Nested classes

A ViewHolder for the RowHeaderPresenter.

Public constructors

Creates default RowHeaderPresenter using a title view and a description view.

Public methods
open Int

Returns the space (distance in pixels) below the baseline of the text view, if one exists; otherwise, returns 0.

open Boolean

Returns true if the view visibility is set to View#GONE when bound to null.

open Unit
onBindViewHolder(viewHolder: Presenter.ViewHolder!, item: Any!)

open Presenter.ViewHolder!

open Unit

open Unit
setNullItemVisibilityGone(nullItemVisibilityGone: Boolean)

Optionally sets the view visibility to View#GONE when bound to null.


Sets the select level.

Protected methods
open static Float
getFontDescent(textView: TextView!, fontMeasurePaint: Paint!)

open Unit

Called when the select level changes.

Inherited functions