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interface FragmentOnAttachListener

Listener for receiving a callback immediately following Fragment#onAttach(Context). This can be used to perform any additional setup / provide any dependencies that the Fragment may need prior to child fragments being attached or the Fragment going through Fragment#onCreate(Bundle).


Public methods
abstract Unit
onAttachFragment(@NonNull fragmentManager: FragmentManager, @NonNull fragment: Fragment)

Called after the fragment has been attached to its host.

Public methods


@MainThread abstract fun onAttachFragment(
    @NonNull fragmentManager: FragmentManager,
    @NonNull fragment: Fragment
): Unit

Called after the fragment has been attached to its host. This is called immediately after Fragment#onAttach(Context) and before Fragment#onAttach(Context) has been called on any child fragments.

fragmentManager FragmentManager: FragmentManager the fragment is now attached to. This will be the same FragmentManager that is returned by Fragment#getParentFragmentManager().
fragment Fragment: Fragment that just received a callback to Fragment#onAttach(Context)