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open class FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig : EmojiCompat.Config
   ↳ androidx.emoji.text.EmojiCompat.Config
   ↳ androidx.emoji.text.FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig

EmojiCompat.Config implementation that asynchronously fetches the required font and the metadata using a FontRequest. FontRequest should be constructed to fetch an EmojiCompat compatible emoji font.


Nested classes

A retry policy implementation that doubles the amount of time in between retries.


Retry policy used when the font provider is not ready to give the font file.

Public constructors
<init>(@NonNull context: Context, @NonNull request: FontRequest)

Public methods
open FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig!
setHandler(handler: Handler!)

Sets the custom handler to be used for initialization.

open FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig!

Sets the retry policy.

Inherited functions

Public constructors