public class Selection
extends Object implements Iterable<K>

   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.selection.Selection<K>

Object representing a "primary" selection and a "provisional" selection.

This class tracks selected items by managing two sets:

Primary Selection

Primary selection consists of items selected by a user. This represents the selection "at rest", as the selection does not contains items that are in a "provisional" selected state created by way of an ongoing gesture or band operation.

Provisional Selection

Provisional selections are selections which are interim in nature.

Provisional selection exists to address issues where a transitory selection might momentarily intersect with a previously established selection resulting in a some or all of the established selection being erased. Such situations may arise when band selection is being performed in "additive" mode (e.g. SHIFT or CTRL is pressed on the keyboard prior to mouse down), or when there's an active gesture selection (which can be initiated by long pressing an unselected item while there is an existing selection).

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Public methods

boolean contains(K key)
boolean equals(Object other)
int hashCode()
boolean isEmpty()
Iterator<K> iterator()

Returns an Iterator that iterators over the selection, *excluding* any provisional selection.

int size()
String toString()

Inherited methods