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added in version 1.0.0
belongs to Maven artifact androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview-selection:1.0.0


public interface OnItemActivatedListener


Register an OnItemActivatedListener to be notified when an item is activated (tapped or double clicked).


Public methods

abstract boolean onItemActivated(ItemDetails<K> item, MotionEvent e)

Called when an item is "activated".

Public methods


added in version 1.0.0
public abstract boolean onItemActivated (ItemDetails<K> item, 
                MotionEvent e)

Called when an item is "activated". An item is activated, for example, when no selection exists and the user taps an item with her finger, or double clicks an item with a pointing device like a Mouse.

item ItemDetails: details of the item.

e MotionEvent: the event associated with item.

boolean true if the event was handled.