NavigationTemplate.NavigationInfo Represents navigation information such as routing instructions or navigation-related messages. 
PanModeDelegate A host-side delegate for sending PanModeListener events to the car app. 
PanModeListener A listener for handling the pan mode changes. 


Destination A class representing information related to a destination. 
Destination.Builder A builder of Destination
Lane Configuration of a single lane of a road at a particular point in the navigation. 
Lane.Builder A builder of Lane
LaneDirection Defines the possible directions a driver can go when using a particular lane at a particular step in the navigation. 
Maneuver Information about a maneuver that the driver will be required to perform. 
Maneuver.Builder A builder of Maneuver
MessageInfo Represents a message that can be shown in the NavigationTemplate
MessageInfo.Builder A builder of MessageInfo
NavigationTemplate A template for showing navigation information. 
NavigationTemplate.Builder A builder of NavigationTemplate
PlaceListNavigationTemplate A template that supports showing a list of places alongside a custom drawn map. 
PlaceListNavigationTemplate.Builder A builder of PlaceListNavigationTemplate
RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate A template that supports showing a list of routes alongside a custom drawn map. 
RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate.Builder A builder of RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate
RoutingInfo Represents routing information that can be shown in the NavigationTemplate during navigation  
RoutingInfo.Builder A builder of RoutingInfo
Step Represents a step that the driver should take in order to remain on the current navigation route. 
Step.Builder A builder of Step
TravelEstimate Represents the travel estimates to a destination of a trip or for a trip segment, including the remaining time and distance to the destination. 
TravelEstimate.Builder A builder of TravelEstimate
Trip Represents information about a trip including destinations, steps, and travel estimates. 
Trip.Builder A builder of Trip