belongs to Maven artifact androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.0.0-alpha1


public static class DiffUtil.DiffResult
extends Object

   ↳ androidx.recyclerview.widget.DiffUtil.DiffResult

This class holds the information about the result of a DiffUtil.calculateDiff(Callback, boolean) call.

You can consume the updates in a DiffResult via dispatchUpdatesTo(ListUpdateCallback) or directly stream the results into a RecyclerView.Adapter via dispatchUpdatesTo(RecyclerView.Adapter).


Public methods

void dispatchUpdatesTo(ListUpdateCallback updateCallback)

Dispatches update operations to the given Callback.

void dispatchUpdatesTo(Adapter adapter)

Dispatches the update events to the given adapter.

Inherited methods

Public methods


void dispatchUpdatesTo (ListUpdateCallback updateCallback)

Dispatches update operations to the given Callback.

These updates are atomic such that the first update call affects every update call that comes after it (the same as RecyclerView).

updateCallback ListUpdateCallback: The callback to receive the update operations.


void dispatchUpdatesTo (Adapter adapter)

Dispatches the update events to the given adapter.

For example, if you have an Adapter that is backed by a List, you can swap the list with the new one then call this method to dispatch all updates to the RecyclerView.

     List oldList = mAdapter.getData();
     DiffResult result = DiffUtil.calculateDiff(new MyCallback(oldList, newList));

Note that the RecyclerView requires you to dispatch adapter updates immediately when you change the data (you cannot defer notify* calls). The usage above adheres to this rule because updates are sent to the adapter right after the backing data is changed, before RecyclerView tries to read it.

On the other hand, if you have another AdapterDataObserver that tries to process events synchronously, this may confuse that observer because the list is instantly moved to its final state while the adapter updates are dispatched later on, one by one. If you have such an AdapterDataObserver, you can use dispatchUpdatesTo(ListUpdateCallback) to handle each modification manually.

adapter Adapter: A RecyclerView adapter which was displaying the old list and will start displaying the new list.