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FragmentManager.BackStackEntry Representation of an entry on the fragment back stack, as created with FragmentTransaction.addToBackStack()
FragmentManager.OnBackStackChangedListener Interface to watch for changes to the back stack. 


DialogFragment Static library support version of the framework's DialogFragment
Fragment Static library support version of the framework's Fragment
Fragment.SavedState State information that has been retrieved from a fragment instance through FragmentManager.saveFragmentInstanceState
FragmentActivity Base class for activities that want to use the support-based Fragments
FragmentContainer Callbacks to a Fragment's container. 
FragmentController Provides integration points with a FragmentManager for a fragment host. 
FragmentHostCallback<E> Integration points with the Fragment host. 
FragmentManager Static library support version of the framework's FragmentManager
FragmentManager.FragmentLifecycleCallbacks Callback interface for listening to fragment state changes that happen within a given FragmentManager. 
FragmentManagerNonConfig FragmentManagerNonConfig stores the retained instance fragments across activity recreation events. 
FragmentPagerAdapter Implementation of PagerAdapter that represents each page as a Fragment that is persistently kept in the fragment manager as long as the user can return to the page. 
FragmentStatePagerAdapter Implementation of PagerAdapter that uses a Fragment to manage each page. 
FragmentTabHost Special TabHost that allows the use of Fragment objects for its tab content. 
FragmentTransaction Static library support version of the framework's FragmentTransaction
ListFragment Static library support version of the framework's ListFragment


Fragment.InstantiationException Thrown by Fragment.instantiate(Context, String, Bundle) when there is an instantiation failure.