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TimeDependentText Represents the status or a part of the status of an ongoing activity. 


OngoingActivity Main class to access the Ongoing Activities API. 
OngoingActivity.Builder Builder used to build an OngoingActivity  
OngoingActivityData This class is used internally by the library to represent the data of an OngoingActivity. 
OngoingActivityStatus Base class to serialize / deserialize OngoingActivityStatus into / from a Notification A status is composed of Parts, and they are joined together with a template. 
OngoingActivityStatus.Builder Helper to Build OngoingActivityStatus instances. 
StatusPart Abstract class to represent An Ongoing activity status or part of it. 
TextStatusPart An Ongoing activity status (or part of it) representing a plain, static text. 
TimerStatusPart An Ongoing activity status (or part of it) representing a timer or stopwatch.