public final class LayoutElementBuilders.ColorFilter

Filtering parameters used for images. This can be used to apply a color tint to images.


Public methods

static @NonNull LayoutElementBuilders.ColorFilter.Builder

Returns a new Builder.

@Nullable ColorBuilders.ColorProp

Gets the tint color to use.

Public methods


public static LayoutElementBuilders.ColorFilter.Builder builder()

Returns a new Builder.


public ColorBuilders.ColorProp getTint()

Gets the tint color to use. If specified, the image will be tinted, using SRC_IN blending (that is, all color information will be stripped from the target image, and only the alpha channel will be blended with the requested color).

Note that only Android image resources can be tinted; Inline images will not be tinted, and this property will have no effect. Intended for testing purposes only.