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Animatable A helper interface allowing MotionLayout to directly drive custom views  
FloatLayout Add support to views that do floating point layout. 
MotionLayout.MotionTracker Subclasses can override to build test frameworks 
MotionLayout.TransitionListener Listener for monitoring events about TransitionLayout. 


MotionLayout A subclass of ConstraintLayout that supports animating between various states Added in 2.0

A MotionLayout is a subclass of ConstraintLayout which supports transitions between between various states (ConstraintSet) defined in MotionScenes. 

MotionScene The information to transition between multiple ConstraintSets This Class is meant to be used from XML  
MotionScene.Transition Transition defines the interaction from one state to another. 
OnSwipe Container for holding swipe infomation  
TransitionBuilder Builder class for creating MotionScene.Transition programmatically. 
ViewTransition Provides a support for tag it Parses tag it implement the transition it will update ConstraintSet or sets For asynchronous it will create and drive a MotionController. 
ViewTransitionController Container for ViewTransitions.