public abstract class TileService

Base class for a service providing data for an app tile.

A tile service must implement onTileRequest and onResourcesRequest to respond to requests for updates from the system.

The manifest declaration of this service must include an intent filter for androidx.wear.tiles.action.BIND_TILE_PROVIDER.

The manifest entry should also include android:permission="com.google.android.wearable.permission.BIND_TILE_PROVIDER" to ensure that only the system can bind to it.



static final String

The intent action used to send update requests to the service.

static final String

The ID for the Intent extra containing the ID of the Clickable.

static final String

The name of the metadata key that should contain a drawable to be presented as a Tile preview.

Public constructors

Public methods

static @NonNull TileUpdateRequester

Gets an instance of TileUpdateRequester to allow a Tile Service to notify the tile's renderer that it should request a new Timeline from this TileService.

@Override @Nullable IBinder

Inherited methods

From class Context
final int
getColor(int id)
final ColorStateList
final Drawable
getDrawable(int id)
final String
getString(int resId)
final T