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public interface IdlingUiController extends UiController

Similar to UiController but with one additional method that enables getting an instance of IdlingResourceRegistry. For instance, the registry can then be used by to register and unregister idling resources before and after performing the actual action.

This interface used for Espresso internals and shouldn't be called by external users.


Public methods

abstract IdlingResourceRegistry

Returns an instance of IdlingResourceRegistry.

Inherited methods

From androidx.test.espresso.UiController
abstract boolean
injectKeyEvent(KeyEvent event)

Injects a key event into the application.

abstract boolean
injectMotionEvent(MotionEvent event)

Injects a motion event into the application.

default boolean
injectMotionEventSequence(Iterable<MotionEvent> events)
abstract boolean

Types a string into the application using series of KeyEvents.

abstract void
loopMainThreadForAtLeast(long millisDelay)

Loops the main thread for a specified period of time.

abstract void

Loops the main thread until the application goes idle.

Public methods


abstract IdlingResourceRegistry getIdlingResourceRegistry()

Returns an instance of IdlingResourceRegistry.