Develop UI for Android

To create new UIs, we recommend using Compose, Android's declarative UI toolkit. Google designed Compose to simplify and accelerate UI development, so you can use less code, more-powerful tools, and intuitive Kotlin APIs.

For existing Views-based UIs, you can choose to migrate to Compose or continue to use Views-based workflows.

Both frameworks offer pre-built UI components that work with graphics, animations, and other visual elements.

Work with other devices

Develop for large screens to make more UI options available for users. Large screens—like tablets, foldables, and ChromeOS devices—showcase content and facilitate multitasking.
You can write apps that enable users to stay connected, accomplish tasks, and express themselves.
Create new apps for TVs based on what you already know about Android. Or, extend your existing apps to run on TVs.
Bring your app to vehicles running Android Auto or Android Automotive OS. One app architecture works for both cases so your users can enjoy your app in cars.
Design for accessibility to design for everyone. Check out integrating accessibility features and services to improve your app's usability.
Accelerate your app development with code samples.
Getting started
Android 13 introduces great new features and APIs for developers. Learn about the features for your apps and get started with the related APIs.

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