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Give your developers the modern toolkit that speeds and simplifies Android UI development. Read more to learn why adopting Compose can help your team succeed.
Fewer lines of code translates into code that’s easy to read and maintain, less bugs, and more time to focus on building unique app experiences.
Describe your UI using Compose declarative APIs, that are legible and easy to find.
Iterate quickly with live previews, full tooling support, and easier theming, with small components that are easy to test.
Concise Kotlin DSL APIs, and out-of-the-box Material Design give your teams easier access to the best of Android.

Design across devices

Your team can easily leverage skills for building with Compose to designing for different screens, and gain productivity benefits across your app’s supported form factors.
Develop UIs that provide your users a good experience across any screen size.
Write apps for wearables that help your users live more present, healthy, and productive lives.
Build apps for TV to connect with your users in their homes.
Enable your users to quickly see the most important content from your app on their home screen.
See what developers like about using Jetpack Compose.
Compose significantly reduced the time required to implement UI changes, solving the pain point of maintaining a large, complex UI codebase and making it easier to iterate on the app's design and user experience.”
“We were able to save up to 45% of lines of code when migrating screens from XML views to Compose. We used Compose to prototype, and it enabled us to iterate fast even when we changed our design ideas daily.”
“I can build the same feature with Compose about 30% faster than with Views. Compose's efficiency not only accelerated development, but also helped us achieve our business goals.”
“Compose, combined with architecture improvements, cut our development time nearly in half.”
“For developers who are building new apps, I would definitely recommend using Compose. Not only is it enjoyable... it sets your team up for success in the future.”
“Compose has helped us with engineering retention. In our developer surveys, our engineers tell us that Compose is one of the biggest improvements to our dev experience.”
“We rewrote the search experience using Compose in just a matter of weeks. It took 40% less time than anticipated to build the feature, and took less than half the time it took to build it on iOS.”
"Compose is clearly the future of Android development. It requires less code, and it's easier to understand and maintain."
“We’ve prioritized building sound technical foundations and empowering our engineers to do excellent work. Jetpack Compose enabled both of these goals and is a critical part of our technical strategy.
“We noticed a massive improvement in our productivity. Our development speed increased up to 3X compared to our legacy codebase.”
“Compose increased our productivity dramatically. It’s much easier and faster to write a Composeable function than to create a custom view, and it’s also made it much easier to fulfill our designers’ requirements.”
"We rewrote the Character Shop feature in Compose. It was much faster to write it in Compose, and we reduced the amount of code by over 10%."
“It’s the same app with way less code. The rewritten app has about 355,000 fewer lines of code, which is about 69% less than what it had before.”
“Compose has been a boon for our team’s developer happiness, and a big step-up for code quality and health.
“By using Compose, we can focus on things that are unique to Block and our UI infrastructure, rather than solving the broader issue of building a declarative UI framework.”
"The speed at which Compose allows us to put together a new feature means we can iterate more rapidly, providing a higher-quality experience for our customers faster than before."
"Compose allows you to build higher quality screens more quickly."

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