public abstract @interface Update
implements Annotation


Marks a method in a Dao annotated class as an update method.

The implementation of the method will update its parameters in the database if they already exists (checked by primary keys). If they don't already exists, this option will not change the database.

All of the parameters of the Update method must either be classes annotated with Entity or collections/array of it.

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Public methods

int onConflict()

What to do if a conflict happens.

Inherited methods

Public methods


public int onConflict ()

What to do if a conflict happens.

Use OnConflictStrategy.ABORT (default) to roll back the transaction on conflict. Use OnConflictStrategy.REPLACE to replace the existing rows with the new rows. Use OnConflictStrategy.IGNORE to keep the existing rows.

int How to handle conflicts. Defaults to OnConflictStrategy.ABORT.