public static class NotificationCompat.MediaStyle
extends NotificationCompat.Style


Notification style for media playback notifications. In the expanded form, up to 5 actions specified with #addAction(int, CharSequence, PendingIntent) addAction will be shown as icon-only pushbuttons, suitable for transport controls. The Bitmap given to #setLargeIcon( setLargeIcon() will be treated as album artwork. Unlike the other styles provided here, MediaStyle can also modify the standard-size content view; by providing action indices to setShowActionsInCompactView(int) you can promote up to 3 actions to be displayed in the standard view alongside the usual content. Notifications created with MediaStyle will have their category set to CATEGORY_TRANSPORT unless you set a different category using setCategory(). Finally, if you attach a MediaSession.Token using setMediaSession(MediaSessionCompat.Token), the System UI can identify this as a notification representing an active media session and respond accordingly (by showing album artwork in the lockscreen, for example). To use this style with your Notification, feed it to NotificationCompat.Builder.setStyle(NotificationCompat.Style) like so:

 Notification noti = new NotificationCompat.Builder()
     .setContentTitle("Track title")
     .setContentText("Artist - Album")
     .setStyle(new NotificationCompat.MediaStyle()


Public constructors

MediaStyle(NotificationCompat.Builder builder)

Public methods

static MediaSessionCompat.Token getMediaSession(Notification notification)

Extracts a MediaSessionCompat.Token from the extra values in the NotificationCompat.MediaStyle notification.

NotificationCompat.MediaStyle setCancelButtonIntent(PendingIntent pendingIntent)

Sets the pending intent to be sent when the cancel button is pressed.