public class ListRowPresenter
extends RowPresenter

   ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.Presenter
     ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.RowPresenter
       ↳ androidx.leanback.widget.ListRowPresenter

ListRowPresenter renders ListRow using a HorizontalGridView hosted in a ListRowView.

Hover card

Optionally, setHoverCardPresenterSelector(PresenterSelector) can be used to display a view for the currently focused list item below the rendered list. This view is known as a hover card.

Row selection animation

ListRowPresenter disables RowPresenter's default full row dimming effect and draws a dim overlay on each child individually. A subclass may disable the overlay on each child by overriding isUsingDefaultListSelectEffect() to return false and write its own child dim effect in applySelectLevelToChild(ViewHolder, View).


ListRowPresenter applies a default shadow to each child view. Call setShadowEnabled(boolean) to disable shadows. A subclass may override and return false in isUsingDefaultShadow() and replace with its own shadow implementation.


Nested classes

class ListRowPresenter.SelectItemViewHolderTask

A task on the ListRowPresenter.ViewHolder that can select an item by position in the HorizontalGridView and perform an optional item task on it. 

class ListRowPresenter.ViewHolder

ViewHolder for the ListRowPresenter. 

Inherited constants