public static final class RemoteInput.Builder
extends Object


Builder class for RemoteInput objects.


Public constructors

Builder(String resultKey)

Create a builder object for RemoteInput objects.

Public methods

RemoteInput.Builder addExtras(Bundle extras)

Merge additional metadata into this builder.

RemoteInput build()

Combine all of the options that have been set and return a new RemoteInput object.

Bundle getExtras()

Get the metadata Bundle used by this Builder.

RemoteInput.Builder setAllowDataType(String mimeType, boolean doAllow)

Specifies whether the user can provide arbitrary values.

RemoteInput.Builder setAllowFreeFormInput(boolean allowFreeFormTextInput)

Specifies whether the user can provide arbitrary text values.

RemoteInput.Builder setChoices(CharSequence[] choices)

Specifies choices available to the user to satisfy this input.

RemoteInput.Builder setEditChoicesBeforeSending(int editChoicesBeforeSending)

Specifies whether tapping on a choice should let the user edit the input before it is sent to the app.

RemoteInput.Builder setLabel(CharSequence label)

Set a label to be displayed to the user when collecting this input.

Inherited methods