public abstract class AbstractProgressFragment extends Fragment implements LifecycleOwner, ViewModelStoreOwner, HasDefaultViewModelProviderFactory, LifecycleOwner, SavedStateRegistryOwner, ActivityResultCaller

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     ↳ AbstractProgressFragment
Known direct subclasses

The default androidx.fragment.app.Fragment to display during installation progress.

The base class for Fragments that handle dynamic feature installation.

When extending from this class, you are responsible for forwarding installation state changes to your UI via the provided hooks in onCancelled, onFailed, onProgress.

The installation process itself is handled within the AbstractProgressFragment itself. Navigation to the target destination will occur once the installation is completed.


Public constructors

AbstractProgressFragment(int contentLayoutId)

Public methods

onCreate(@Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState)

Called to do initial creation of a fragment.


Called to ask the fragment to save its current dynamic state, so it can later be reconstructed in a new instance if its process is restarted.

onViewCreated(@NonNull View view, @Nullable Bundle savedInstanceState)

Called immediately after onCreateView has returned, but before any saved state has been restored in to the view.