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BiometricManager.Authenticators Types of authenticators, defined at a level of granularity supported by BiometricManager and BiometricPrompt


BiometricManager A class that provides system information related to biometrics (e.g. 
BiometricPrompt A class that manages a system-provided biometric prompt. 
BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationCallback A collection of methods that may be invoked by BiometricPrompt during authentication. 
BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationResult A container for data passed to BiometricPrompt.AuthenticationCallback.onAuthenticationSucceeded(AuthenticationResult) when the user has successfully authenticated. 
BiometricPrompt.CryptoObject A wrapper class for the crypto objects supported by BiometricPrompt
BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo A set of configurable options for how the BiometricPrompt should appear and behave. 
BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo.Builder A builder used to set individual options for the BiometricPrompt.PromptInfo class.