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SupportSQLiteDatabase A database abstraction which removes the framework dependency and allows swapping underlying sql versions. 
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper An interface to map the behavior of SQLiteOpenHelper
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory Factory class to create instances of SupportSQLiteOpenHelper using SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration
SupportSQLiteProgram An interface to map the behavior of SQLiteProgram
SupportSQLiteQuery A query with typed bindings. 
SupportSQLiteStatement An interface to map the behavior of SQLiteStatement


SimpleSQLiteQuery A basic implementation of SupportSQLiteQuery which receives a query and its args and binds args based on the passed in Object type. 
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Callback Handles various lifecycle events for the SQLite connection, similar to SQLiteOpenHelper
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration The configuration to create an SQLite open helper object using SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Factory
SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration.Builder Builder class for SupportSQLiteOpenHelper.Configuration
SupportSQLiteQueryBuilder A simple query builder to create SQL SELECT queries.