SliceUtils.SliceActionListener A listener used to receive events on slices parsed with SliceUtils.parseSlice(Context, InputStream, String, SliceActionListener)
SliceViewManager.SliceCallback Class that listens to changes in Slices. 


Slice A slice is a piece of app content and actions that can be surfaced outside of the app. 
SliceConvert Convert between androidx.slice.Slice and  
SliceItem A SliceItem is a single unit in the tree structure of a Slice
SliceManager Class to handle interactions with Slices. 
SliceMetadata Utility class to parse a Slice and provide access to information around its contents. 
SliceProvider A SliceProvider allows an app to provide Slices to the Android OS. 
SliceStructure Class used to see if two Slices are structurally equivalent ignoring specific content such as text or icons. 
SliceUtils Utilities for dealing with slices. 
SliceUtils.SerializeOptions Holds options for how to handle SliceItems that cannot be serialized. 
SliceViewManager Class to handle interactions with Slices. 


SliceUtils.SliceParseException Exception thrown during SliceUtils.parseSlice(Context, InputStream, String, SliceActionListener)