public final class Palette
extends Object


A helper class to extract prominent colors from an image.

A number of colors with different profiles are extracted from the image:

  • Vibrant
  • Vibrant Dark
  • Vibrant Light
  • Muted
  • Muted Dark
  • Muted Light
These can be retrieved from the appropriate getter method.

Instances are created with a Palette.Builder which supports several options to tweak the generated Palette. See that class' documentation for more information.

Generation should always be completed on a background thread, ideally the one in which you load your image on. Palette.Builder supports both synchronous and asynchronous generation:

 // Synchronous
 Palette p = Palette.from(bitmap).generate();

 // Asynchronous
 Palette.from(bitmap).generate(new PaletteAsyncListener() {
     public void onGenerated(Palette p) {
         // Use generated instance


Nested classes

class Palette.Builder

Builder class for generating Palette instances. 

interface Palette.Filter

A Filter provides a mechanism for exercising fine-grained control over which colors are valid within a resulting Palette

interface Palette.PaletteAsyncListener

Listener to be used with Palette.generateAsync(Bitmap, PaletteAsyncListener) or Palette.generateAsync(Bitmap, int, PaletteAsyncListener)  

class Palette.Swatch

Represents a color swatch generated from an image's palette. 

Public methods

static Palette from(List<Palette.Swatch> swatches)

Generate a Palette from the pre-generated list of Palette.Swatch swatches.

static Palette.Builder from(Bitmap bitmap)

Start generating a Palette with the returned Palette.Builder instance.

static Palette generate(Bitmap bitmap, int numColors)

This method is deprecated. Use Palette.Builder to generate the Palette.

static Palette