public final class RemoteInput

Helper for using the


Nested types


Builder class for objects.


static final int

The platform will determine whether choices will be edited before being sent to the app.

static final int

Tapping on a choice should send the input immediately, without letting the user edit it.

static final int

Tapping on a choice should let the user edit the input before it is sent to the app.

static final String

Extra added to a clip data intent object to hold the text results bundle.

static final String

Label used to denote the clip data type used for remote input transport

static final int

The user selected one of the choices from getChoices.

static final int

The user manually entered the data.

Public constructors

Public methods

static void
    RemoteInput remoteInput,
    Intent intent,
    Map<StringUri> results

Same as addResultsToIntent but for setting data results.

static void
    RemoteInput[] remoteInputs,
    Intent intent,
    Bundle results

Populate an intent object with the results gathered from remote input.


Get whether or not users can provide an arbitrary value for input.


Get possible input choices.

static Map<StringUri>
getDataResultsFromIntent(Intent intent, String remoteInputResultKey)

Similar as getResultsFromIntent but retrieves data results for a specific RemoteInput result.