public static class Person.Builder
extends Object


Builder for the immutable Person class.


Public constructors


Creates a new, empty Person.Builder.

Public methods

Person build()

Creates and returns the Person this builder represents.

Person.Builder setBot(boolean bot)

Sets whether or not this Person represents a machine rather than a human.

Person.Builder setIcon(IconCompat icon)

Set an icon for this Person.

Person.Builder setImportant(boolean important)

Sets whether this is an important person.

Person.Builder setKey(String key)

Set a unique identifier for this Person.

Person.Builder setName(CharSequence name)

Give this Person a name to use for display.

Person.Builder setUri(String uri)

Set a URI for this Person which can be any of the following:

*Note for these schemas, the path portion of the URI must exist in the contacts database in their appropriate column, otherwise the reference will be discarded.

Inherited methods