public class NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle extends NotificationCompat.Style

Helper class for generating large-format notifications that include a large image attachment. If the platform does not provide large-format notifications, this method has no effect. The user will always see the normal notification view. This class is a "rebuilder": It attaches to a Builder object and modifies its behavior, like so:

Notification notification = new Notification.Builder(mContext)
    .setContentTitle("New photo from " + sender.toString())
    .setStyle(new Notification.BigPictureStyle()
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Public methods

@NonNull NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle

Override the large icon when the big notification is shown.

@NonNull NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle

Provide the bitmap to be used as the payload for the BigPicture notification.

@NonNull NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle

Overrides ContentTitle in the big form of the template.

@RequiresApi(value = 31) @NonNull NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle

Set the content description of the big picture.

@NonNull NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle

Set the first line of text after the detail section in the big form of the template.

@RequiresApi(value = 31) @NonNull NotificationCompat.BigPictureStyle

When set, the big picture of this style will be promoted and shown in place of the large icon in the collapsed state of this notification.

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