InputCallback A listener for handling text input completion event. 
InputCallbackDelegate A host-side delegate for sending InputCallback events to the car app. 
Item Interface implemented by models that can be added to an ItemList
ItemList.OnItemVisibilityChangedListener A listener for handling item visibility changes. 
ItemList.OnSelectedListener A listener for handling selection events for lists with selectable items. 
OnCheckedChangeDelegate A host-side delegate for sending Toggle.OnCheckedChangeListener events to the car app. 
OnClickDelegate A host-side interface for reporting click to clients. 
OnClickListener A listener of click events. 
OnContentRefreshDelegate A host-side delegate for sending OnContentRefreshListener events to the car app. 
OnContentRefreshListener A listener of content refresh requests  
OnItemVisibilityChangedDelegate A host-side delegate for sending ItemList.OnItemVisibilityChangedListener events to the car app. 
OnSelectedDelegate A host-side delegate for sending ItemList.OnSelectedListener events to the car app. 
SearchCallbackDelegate A host-side delegate for sending SearchTemplate.SearchCallback events to the car app. 
SearchTemplate.SearchCallback A listener for search updates. 
Template An interface used to denote a model that can act as a root for a tree of other models. 
Toggle.OnCheckedChangeListener A listener for handling checked state change events. 


Action Represents an action with an optional icon and text. 
Action.Builder A builder of Action
ActionStrip Represents a list of Actions that are used for a template. 
ActionStrip.Builder A builder of ActionStrip
CarColor Represents a color to be used in a car app. 
CarIcon Represents an icon to be used in a car app. 
CarIcon.Builder A builder of CarIcon
CarIconSpan A span that replaces the text it is attached to with a CarIcon that is aligned with the surrounding text. 
CarLocation Represents a geographical location with a latitude and a longitude. 
CarSpan Base class for all span types allowed for a car app. 
CarText A model that represents text to display in the car screen. 
CarText.Builder A builder of CarText
ClickableSpan A span that makes a section of text clickable. 
DateTimeWithZone A time with an associated time zone information. 
Distance Represents a distance value and how it should be displayed in the UI. 
DistanceSpan A span that replaces the text it is attached to with the string representation of a Distance instance. 
DurationSpan A span that replaces the text it is attached to with a localized duration string. 
ForegroundCarColorSpan A span that changes the color of the text to which the span is attached. 
GridItem Represents a grid item with an image and an optional title. 
GridItem.Builder A builder of GridItem
GridTemplate A template representing a grid of items. 
GridTemplate.Builder A builder of GridTemplate
ItemList Represents a list of Item instances. 
ItemList.Builder A builder of ItemList
ListTemplate A template representing a list of items. 
ListTemplate.Builder A builder of ListTemplate
LongMessageTemplate A template for displaying a long text, which could be several paragraphs long, with associated actions. 
LongMessageTemplate.Builder A builder of LongMessageTemplate
MessageTemplate A template for displaying a message and associated actions. 
MessageTemplate.Builder A builder of MessageTemplate
Metadata A metadata class used for attaching additional properties to models. 
Metadata.Builder A builder for Metadata
Pane Represents a list of rows used for displaying informational content and a set of Actions that users can perform based on such content. 
Pane.Builder A builder of Pane
PaneTemplate A template that displays a Pane
PaneTemplate.Builder A builder of PaneTemplate
ParkedOnlyOnClickListener An OnClickListener that wraps another one and executes its onClick() method only when the