OnScreenResultCallback A callback to provide the result set by a Screen
SearchListener A listener for search updates. 
SurfaceListener A listener for changes on the SurfaceContainer and its attributes. 


AppManager Manages the communication between the app and the host. 
CarAppService The base class for implementing a car app that runs in the car. 
CarContext The CarContext class is a ContextWrapper subclass accessible to your CarAppService and Screen instances, which provides access to car services such as the ScreenManager for managing the screen stack, the AppManager for general app-related functionality such as accessing a surface for drawing your navigation app’s map, and the NavigationManager used by turn-by-turn navigation apps to communicate navigation metadata and other navigation-related events with the host. 
CarToast A message to show to the user for a short period of time. 
HostInfo Container class for information about the host the service is connected to. 
Screen A Screen has a Lifecycle and provides the mechanism for the app to send Templates to display when the Screen is visible. 
ScreenManager Manages the stack of Screens and their respective Lifecycles. 
SurfaceContainer A container for the Surface created by the host and its associated properties. 


HostException Exceptions that happen on calls to the host.