public abstract class ListenableWorker
extends Object


A class that can perform work asynchronously in WorkManager. For most cases, we recommend using Worker, which offers a simple synchronous API that is executed on a pre-specified background thread.

ListenableWorker classes are instantiated at runtime by the WorkerFactory specified in the Configuration. The startWork() method is called on the main thread.

In case the work is preempted and later restarted for any reason, a new instance of ListenableWorker is created. This means that startWork is called exactly once per ListenableWorker instance. A new ListenableWorker is created if a unit of work needs to be rerun.

A ListenableWorker is given a maximum of ten minutes to finish its execution and return a ListenableWorker.Result. After this time has expired, the worker will be signalled to stop and its ListenableFuture will be cancelled.

Exercise caution when renaming or removing ListenableWorkers from your codebase.


Nested classes

class ListenableWorker.Result

The result of a ListenableWorker's computation. 

Public constructors

ListenableWorker(Context appContext, WorkerParameters workerParams)

Public methods

final Context getApplicationContext()

Gets the application Context.

ListenableFuture<ForegroundInfo> getForegroundInfoAsync()

Return an instance of ForegroundInfo if the WorkRequest is important to the user.

final UUID getId()

Gets the ID of the WorkRequest that created this Worker.

final Data getInputData()