public abstract class PlaybackGlueHost
extends Object


This class represents the UI (e.g. Fragment/Activity) hosting playback controls and defines the interaction between PlaybackGlue and the host. PlaybackGlueHost provides the following functions:

Subclass of PlaybackGlueHost may implement optional interfaces: These optional interfaces should be accessed by glue in PlaybackGlue.onAttachedToHost(PlaybackGlueHost).


Nested classes

class PlaybackGlueHost.HostCallback

Callbacks triggered by the host(e.g. 

class PlaybackGlueHost.PlayerCallback

Optional Client that implemented by PlaybackGlueHost to respond to player event. 

Public constructors


Public methods

void fadeOut()

This method is deprecated. Call hideControlsOverlay(boolean)

PlaybackGlueHost.PlayerCallback getPlayerCallback()

Implemented by PlaybackGlueHost for responding to player events.

void hideControlsOverlay(boolean runAnimation)

Hide controls overlay.

boolean isControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled()

Returns true if auto hides controls overlay.

boolean isControlsOverlayVisible()

Returns true if controls overlay is visible, false otherwise.

void notifyPlaybackRowChanged()

Notifies host about a change so it can update the view.

void setControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled(boolean enabled)

Enables or disables controls overlay auto hidden.

void setFadingEnabled(boolean enable)

This method is deprecated. Use setControlsOverlayAutoHideEnabled(boolean)

void setHostCallback(PlaybackGlueHost.HostCallback callback)

Sets the host PlaybackGlueHost.HostCallback callback on the host.

void setOnActionClickedListener(OnActionClickedListener listener)

Sets the View.OnClickListener on this fragment.

void setOnKeyInterceptListener(View.OnKeyListener onKeyListener)

Sets the View.OnKeyListener on the host.

void setPlaybackRow(Row row)

Sets the Row that represents the information on control items that needs to be rendered.

void setPlaybackRowPresenter(PlaybackRowPresenter presenter)

Sets PlaybackRowPresenter for rendering the playback controls.

void showControlsOverlay(boolean runAnimation)

Show controls overlay.

Inherited methods