public abstract class MediaControllerGlue
extends PlaybackControlGlue


This class is deprecated.
Use MediaControllerAdapter with PlaybackTransportControlGlue or PlaybackBannerControlGlue.

A helper class for implementing a glue layer for MediaControllerCompat.


Inherited constants

Public constructors

MediaControllerGlue(Context context, int[] fastForwardSpeeds, int[] rewindSpeeds)

Constructor for the glue.

Public methods

void attachToMediaController(MediaControllerCompat mediaController)

Attaches to the given media controller.

void detach()

Detaches from the media controller.

int getCurrentPosition()

Returns the current position of the media item in milliseconds.

int getCurrentSpeedId()

Returns the current playback speed.

Drawable getMediaArt()

Returns a bitmap of the art for the media item.

final MediaControllerCompat getMediaController()

Returns the media controller currently attached.

int getMediaDuration()

Returns the duration of the media item in milliseconds.

CharSequence getMediaSubtitle()

Returns the subtitle of the media item.

CharSequence getMediaTitle()

Returns the title of the media item.

long getSupportedActions()

Returns a bitmask of actions supported by the media player.

boolean hasValidMedia()

Returns true if there is a valid media item.

boolean isMediaPlaying()

Returns true if media is currently playing.

void next()

Goes to the next media item.

void pause()

Pauses the media player.

void play(int speed)

Start playback at the given speed.

void previous()

Goes to the previous media item.

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