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EmojiCompat.GlyphChecker Interface to check if a given emoji exists on the system. 
EmojiCompat.MetadataRepoLoader Interface to load emoji metadata. 


EmojiCompat Main class to keep Android devices up to date with the newest emojis by adding EmojiSpans to a given CharSequence
EmojiCompat.Config Configuration class for EmojiCompat. 
EmojiCompat.InitCallback Listener class for the initialization of the EmojiCompat. 
EmojiCompat.MetadataRepoLoaderCallback Callback to inform EmojiCompat about the state of the metadata load. 
EmojiSpan Base span class for the emoji replacement. 
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig EmojiCompat.Config implementation that asynchronously fetches the required font and the metadata using a FontRequest
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig.ExponentialBackoffRetryPolicy A retry policy implementation that doubles the amount of time in between retries. 
FontRequestEmojiCompatConfig.RetryPolicy Retry policy used when the font provider is not ready to give the font file. 
MetadataRepo Class to hold the emoji metadata required to process and draw emojis.