public static class ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder
extends Object


Builder class for ShortcutInfoCompat objects.


Public constructors

Builder(Context context, String id)

Public methods

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder addCapabilityBinding(String capability)

Associates a shortcut with a capability without any parameters.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder addCapabilityBinding(String capability, String parameter, List<String> parameterValues)

Associates a shortcut with a capability, and a parameter of that capability.

ShortcutInfoCompat build()

Creates a ShortcutInfoCompat instance.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setActivity(ComponentName activity)

Sets the target activity.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setAlwaysBadged()

Badges the icon before passing it over to the Launcher.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setCategories(Set<String> categories)

Sets categories for a shortcut.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setDisabledMessage(CharSequence disabledMessage)

Sets the message that should be shown when the user attempts to start a shortcut that is disabled.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setExcludedSurfaces(int surfaces)

Sets which surfaces a shortcut will be excluded from.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setExtras(PersistableBundle extras)

Extras that the app can set for any purpose.

ShortcutInfoCompat.Builder setIcon(IconCompat icon)

Sets an icon of a shortcut.