public static final class NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender
extends Object implements NotificationCompat.Action.Extender


Wearable extender for notification actions. To add extensions to an action, create a new NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender object using the WearableExtender() constructor and apply it to a NotificationCompat.Action.Builder using NotificationCompat.Action.Builder.extend(NotificationCompat.Action.Extender).

 NotificationCompat.Action action = new NotificationCompat.Action.Builder(
         R.drawable.archive_all, "Archive all", actionIntent)
         .extend(new NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender()


Public constructors


Create a NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender with default options.

WearableExtender(NotificationCompat.Action action)

Create a NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender by reading wearable options present in an existing notification action.

Public methods

NotificationCompat.Action.WearableExtender clone()
NotificationCompat.Action.Builder extend(NotificationCompat.Action.Builder builder)

Apply wearable extensions to a notification action that is being built.

CharSequence getCancelLabel()

This method is deprecated. This method has no effect starting with Wear 2.0.

CharSequence getConfirmLabel()

This method is deprecated. This method has no effect starting with Wear 2.0.

boolean getHintDisplayActionInline()

Get a hint that this Action should be displayed inline - i.e.

boolean getHintLaunchesActivity()

Get a hint that this Action will launch an Activity directly, telling the platform that it can generate the appropriate transitions

CharSequence getInProgressLabel()

This met