OnDoneCallback A host-side interface for handling success and failure scenarios on calls to the client. 
OnRequestPermissionsListener A listener with the results from a permissions request. 
OnScreenResultListener A listener to provide the result set by a Screen
SurfaceCallback A callback for changes on the SurfaceContainer and its attributes. 


AppInfo Container class for information about the app the host is connected to. 
AppManager Manages the communication between the app and the host. 
CarAppPermission Defines all constants for permissions that a car app can use. 
CarAppService The base class for implementing a car app that runs in the car. 
CarContext The CarContext class is a ContextWrapper subclass accessible to your CarAppService and Screen instances, which provides access to car services such as the ScreenManager for managing the screen stack, the AppManager for general app-related functionality such as accessing a surface for drawing your navigation app's map, and the NavigationManager used by turn-by-turn navigation apps to communicate navigation metadata and other navigation-related events with the host. 
CarToast A message to show to the user for a short period of time. 
FailureResponse Denotes a failure in the client to a host request. 
HandshakeInfo A container for the information conveyed by the host after the handshake with the app is completed. 
HostInfo Container class for information about the host the app is connected to. 
Screen A Screen has a Lifecycle and provides the mechanism for the app to send Templates to display when the Screen is visible. 
ScreenManager Manages the stack of Screens and their respective Lifecycles. 
Session The base class for implementing a session for a car app. 
SurfaceContainer A container for the Surface created by the host and its associated properties. 


HostException Exceptions that happen on calls to the host.