public final class Trip
extends Object


Represents information about a trip including destinations, steps, and travel estimates.

This information data may be displayed in different places in the car such as the instrument cluster screens and heads-up display.


Nested classes

class Trip.Builder

A builder of Trip

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
CarText getCurrentRoad()

Returns the text that describes the current road.

List<TravelEstimate> getDestinationTravelEstimates()

Returns the list of TravelEstimates for the Destinations in the trip.

List<Destination> getDestinations()

Returns the list of destinations for this trip.

List<TravelEstimate> getStepTravelEstimates()

Returns the list of TravelEstimates for the Steps in the trip.

List<Step> getSteps()

Returns the list of steps for the trip.

int hashCode()
boolean isLoading()

Returns whether the trip is in a loading state.

String toString()

Inherited methods