public final class RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate
extends Object implements Template


A template that supports showing a list of routes alongside a custom drawn map.

The list must have its ItemList.OnSelectedListener set, and the template must have its navigate action set (see RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate.Builder.setNavigateAction(Action)). These are used in conjunction to inform the app that:

  1. A route has been selected. The app should also highlight the route on the map surface.
  2. A navigate action has been triggered. The app should begin navigation using the selected route.

The template itself does not expose a drawing surface. In order to draw on the canvas, use AppManager.setSurfaceCallback(SurfaceCallback).

Template Restrictions

In regards to template refreshes, as described in Screen.onGetTemplate(), this template is considered a refresh of a previous one if:

Note that specifically, this means the app should not use this template to continuously refresh the routes as the car moves.

In order to use this template your car app MUST declare that it uses the permission in the manifest.


Nested classes

class RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate.Builder

A builder of RoutePreviewNavigationTemplate

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
ActionStrip getActionStrip()

Returns the ActionStrip for this template or null if not set.

Action getHeaderAction()

Returns the Action that is set to be displayed in the header of the template or null if not set.

ItemList getItemList()

Returns the ItemList to show route options in a list view along with the map or null if not set.

ActionStrip getMapActionStrip()

Returns the map ActionStrip for this template or null if not set.

Action getNavigateAction()

Returns the Action to allow users to request navigation using the currently selected route or null if not set.

PanModeDelegate getPanModeDelegate()