public final class SignInTemplate
extends Object implements Template


A template that can be used to create a sign-in flow.

Template Restrictions

This template's body is only available to the user while the car is parked and does not count against the template quota.


Nested classes

class SignInTemplate.Builder

A builder of SignInTemplate

interface SignInTemplate.SignInMethod

One of the possible sign in methods that can be set on a SignInTemplate

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
ActionStrip getActionStrip()

Returns the ActionStrip for this template or null if not set.

List<Action> getActions()

Returns the list of Actions displayed alongside the SignInTemplate.SignInMethod in this template.

CarText getAdditionalText()

Returns any additional text that needs to be displayed in the template or null if not set.

Action getHeaderAction()

Returns the Action that is set to be displayed in the header of the template or null if not set.

CarText getInstructions()

Returns a text containing instructions on how to sign in or null if not set.

SignInTemplate.SignInMethod getSignInMethod()

Returns the sign-in method of this template.

CarText getTitle()

Returns the title of the template or null if not set.