public final class ListTemplate
extends Object implements Template


A template representing a list of items.

Template Restrictions

In regards to template refreshes, as described in Screen.onGetTemplate(), this template is considered a refresh of a previous one if:
  • The previous template is in a loading state (see ListTemplate.Builder.setLoading(boolean)}, or
  • The template title has not changed, and the ItemList structure between the templates have not changed. This means that if the previous template has multiple ItemList sections, the new template must have the same number of sections with the same headers. Further, the number of rows and the title (not counting spans) of each row must not have changed.
  • For rows that contain a Toggle, updates to the title are also allowed if the toggle state has changed between the previous and new templates.


Nested classes

class ListTemplate.Builder

A builder of ListTemplate

Public methods

boolean equals(Object other)
ActionStrip getActionStrip()

Returns the ActionStrip for this template or null if not set.

Action getHeaderAction()

Returns the Action that is set to be displayed in the header of the template, or null if not set.

List<SectionedItemList> getSectionedLists()

Returns the list of SectionedItemList instances to be displayed in the template.

ItemList getSingleList()

Returns the ItemList instance containing the list of items to display or null if one hasn't been set.

CarText getTitle()

Returns the title of the template or null if not set.

int hashCode()